The Department of Transport’s (DoT) vision is to provide an adequate transport system that contributes to the economic growth, quality of life and environmental sustainability of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. In line with its vision, DoT works on the regulation, planning, and development of an efficient and well-integrated transport system that serves the public interest by enhancing mobility and delivering safe, secure and environmentally responsible public transport in Abu Dhabi.

Such a sophisticated public transport system can only be achieved through proper planning and regulation. Therefore, different public transport modes in Abu Dhabi are being planned and developed in response to the unprecedented urban expansion and population growth of the Emirate. These include Bus, Ferries, Metro, LRT and other modes of public transport in Abu Dhabi.

Leadership and quality in transportation services

The organizations that provide transportation services are developed in the midst of an extensive network of interests, intentions, and interrelationships; immersed in a society that conditions them and restricts their freedom of action.

Therefore, the external situation of the companies, the environment in which they are removed, must be taken into consideration to achieve success in the achievement of the organization’s goals, that is, in obtaining the benefits, which is convenient to do by leaning in quality

From the transport company, the services leave, which it sells to the users who demand the mobilization of cargo or passengers, but at the same time, you enter products and services from its suppliers (vehicle owners), dispatchers of inputs for the activity, insurers, etc.

Although, other external influences are social and ecological conditions, so companies have to face sociological, technical, commercial and environmental challenges.

Public Transport