Benefits of Great Services and Expansion

Here in our country, we lack some of the common everyday services that are more common in western cultures. But for every one we lack, we also have others which are extremely good.

For example, many of the common and very good services (that we often take for granted) are not so wonderful in the western world, while many that we lack, they are able to have in abundance. Transportation is one area where Europe and other places are far advanced.

I recently spoke to my brother, who is an electrical contractor, about the very same topic. He works with many consumers who own their own homes or business owners at their place of business, and we are often amused at how easy some cultures have with some services while others are so bad on a larger scale.

In the United States for example, getting someone who is highly qualified and licensed, to come to your home or business to provide this type of service is very easy. As a matter of fact, it is overly regulated and there are too many service providers. While at the same time, they totally lack in the area pf public transportation and a commitment to improving the lack of service, invention and implementation of better services on a massive scale for their citizens.

The service industry is so heavily regulated that a company like his, Fort Lauderdale Electricians, has to jump through hoops to get licences and insured, but provide great services while other government operated agencies, have little to no regulations but cannot even begin to approach the level of service or competence that a private business like his provides.

In our country, and others like it, our stated goal is “The Department of Transport’s (DoT) vision is to provide an adequate transport system that contributes to the economic growth, quality of life and environmental sustainability of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.” We do this through cooperation and less regulation and are able to provide a nice balance of service, ingenuity and delivery of services that is unmatched in western culture.

In contrast, the overly regulated western governments and agencies provide an inferior service at a snails pace. They are inefficient, slow and ineffective at providing what they set out to deliver. Furthermore, they do so over budgets and at a much longer pace and time as expected.

We felt the need to point this at in today’s business climate and many of the topics discussed within the scope of world events. There are many benefits to living in each region, but there are pitfalls too. Overly regulated government agencies are a hindrance to expansion and ingenuity while free markets provide for companies like my brothers to thrive but under heavier scrutiny. Both can learn a little something from the other.…