Benefits of Great Services and Expansion

Here in our country, we lack some of the common everyday services that are more common in western cultures. But for every one we lack, we also have others which are extremely good.

For example, many of the common and very good services (that we often take for granted) are not so wonderful in the western world, while many that we lack, they are able to have in abundance. Transportation is one area where Europe and other places are far advanced.

I recently spoke to my brother, who is an electrical contractor, about the very same topic. He works with many consumers who own their own homes or business owners at their place of business, and we are often amused at how easy some cultures have with some services while others are so bad on a larger scale.

In the United States for example, getting someone who is highly qualified and licensed, to come to your home or business to provide this type of service is very easy. As a matter of fact, it is overly regulated and there are too many service providers. While at the same time, they totally lack in the area pf public transportation and a commitment to improving the lack of service, invention and implementation of better services on a massive scale for their citizens.

The service industry is so heavily regulated that a company like his, Fort Lauderdale Electricians, has to jump through hoops to get licences and insured, but provide great services while other government operated agencies, have little to no regulations but cannot even begin to approach the level of service or competence that a private business like his provides.

In our country, and others like it, our stated goal is “The Department of Transport’s (DoT) vision is to provide an adequate transport system that contributes to the economic growth, quality of life and environmental sustainability of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.” We do this through cooperation and less regulation and are able to provide a nice balance of service, ingenuity and delivery of services that is unmatched in western culture.

In contrast, the overly regulated western governments and agencies provide an inferior service at a snails pace. They are inefficient, slow and ineffective at providing what they set out to deliver. Furthermore, they do so over budgets and at a much longer pace and time as expected.

We felt the need to point this at in today’s business climate and many of the topics discussed within the scope of world events. There are many benefits to living in each region, but there are pitfalls too. Overly regulated government agencies are a hindrance to expansion and ingenuity while free markets provide for companies like my brothers to thrive but under heavier scrutiny. Both can learn a little something from the other.…

Fun Transport

In Abu Dhabi, the public transportation is an ever evolving phenomenon, but in other parts of the world, there are not only public and private transportation services, but also some unique and fun alternatives. Hence, the name party bus.

Throughout the United States, and in almost every city, charter bus service, bus rentals and especially party bus rental services are popping up all the time. This unique form of private transportation is a growing and popular alternative to driving oneself, taking a limousine, a public bus or train, and the like.

Some of the benefits of party bus Fort Lauderdale are:

  1. The safety of having a designated driver
  2. Having someone who is not distracted at the wheel
  3. Beautiful and modern new vehicles
  4. Having a bathroom onboard
  5. The ability to being food and drinks
  6. The option to move around during transit
  7. A vehicle ready to go at a moments notice when your event is over

In tourist destinations like LA and Miami, these types of party bus adventures are an increasing source of business for transportation companies. It’s important to find the right company to take you around town; one with experience in the business and on the roads.

Ask around town to find the best company to deal with and you won’t be disappointed. Picking the wrong one is like spending the night with a mosquito in your room; it’s annoying the whole time!

There are some great ways to find the right charter or rental company to deal with but none better than either asking friends or family or just getting on the phone and calling around. Word of mouth is how many companies get the word out about their product or service and the party bus industry is no different. Make sure you get a company with new vehicles so you’re not in one where a High School student “blew chow” during Prom Night.

Party bus rentals are a great way to go if you’re looking to have the freedom to party and not be driving and to enjoy a luxurious and roomy bus with all your friends. Just do your homework and find a company worthy of your business!

Update: Since this post, the company we referenced above, Fort Lauderdale Bus Charter Service, has diversified its services and has moved into a heavier focus on bus charter services in South Florida. Due to the ever increasing demand of such services and the growing population and tourism influx, the management has purchased several new, 55 passenger, buses for charters. The company reached out to us and we encourage you to give them a call.


Public Transportation In America

Public transportation in the United States is so far behind the rest of the world it is ridiculous.

After a recent visit to Germany, I can personally confirm this. From airports, bus systems and trains, Europe is so far ahead of America it’s like a joke.

We did some research into this and the reasons why and it is astonishing the total lack of attention placed on this ever changing area of U.S. infrastructure.

The leading countries in this area are shown below, compliments of Google:

  1. Hong Kong
  2. Singapore
  3. Netherlands

The vast amount of planning that is involved in such and endeavor cannot be overstated but it is no wonder that these three countries are at the top of the list.

Each has a reputation for planning, architecture and attention to detail and its citizenry.

In fact, each of those countries, out of need, have developed great engineering and architectural leaders due to over population, rising tides and basic expansion.

Hong Kong is one of the most wonderful cities, and densely populated in the world. Not to mention a financial hot spot.

As we continue to see rising tides and more people in these cities, the viability of public transportation will be of the utmost importance.

The question today is, will the United States spend the money and meet the demand of its population to address the growing concern over a terrible transportation system.

More and more pressure is coming at this time as other countries pull further and further ahead on this front and citizens who have traveled abroad learn just how bad it is in the states.

Stay tuned to our blog to learn more as this topic heats up in the coming months and years.

We look forward to covering this for our readers.…

Public Transport

The Department of Transport’s (DoT) vision is to provide an adequate transport system that contributes to the economic growth, quality of life and environmental sustainability of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. In line with its vision, DoT works on the regulation, planning, and development of an efficient and well-integrated transport system that serves the public interest by enhancing mobility and delivering safe, secure and environmentally responsible public transport in Abu Dhabi.

Such a sophisticated public transport system can only be achieved through proper planning and regulation. Therefore, different public transport modes in Abu Dhabi are being planned and developed in response to the unprecedented urban expansion and population growth of the Emirate. These include Bus, Ferries, Metro, LRT and other modes of public transport in Abu Dhabi.

Leadership and quality in transportation services

The organizations that provide transportation services are developed in the midst of an extensive network of interests, intentions, and interrelationships; immersed in a society that conditions them and restricts their freedom of action.

Therefore, the external situation of the companies, the environment in which they are removed, must be taken into consideration to achieve success in the achievement of the organization’s goals, that is, in obtaining the benefits, which is convenient to do by leaning in quality

From the transport company, the services leave, which it sells to the users who demand the mobilization of cargo or passengers, but at the same time, you enter products and services from its suppliers (vehicle owners), dispatchers of inputs for the activity, insurers, etc.

Although, other external influences are social and ecological conditions, so companies have to face sociological, technical, commercial and environmental challenges.…

Private Transport Services

Offer Private transfers Nationwide, with attention 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and excellent value For money.

Our regular chauffeured car service provides professional, bilingual, high standing, experts in delivering punctuality, comfort, agility, and safety, meeting the needs and preferences of our clients.

Choose Private transfers according to your needs:

  • Transfers / Shuttles

Arrival and departure transfers from airports, train stations or bus to hotels, businesses or homes.

  • Corporate Services

We offer a solution tailored to provide transportation services to companies or organizations. We take care of delivering transfers that are required and send the monthly bill with a summary of all journeys made during the month.


Private Travels

All travel comfort for short, medium and long distance national level. We adjust the schedule and activities that our customers require and wish to perform.

Tourist Visits

We offer shuttle service for sightseeing and leisure tours, adjusting the itinerary of our customers and delivering comfort to spend.

  • Solutions by Hours

We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to provide shuttle service when our customers need and duration as required.

We provide packs for hours at the best prices.

Business Visits

We provide shuttle service for business visits and significant events or political and commercial events.

Courier Services

We offer shipping service, door to door, for the transfer of confidential material, and electrical or electronic equipment.

  • Ecological Urban Waste Management

Private transfers for the collection, transportation, and delivery of Urban Waste in Clean Point:

  • Furniture and fixtures
  • Electrical and Electronic Equipment